Can you make customized tent?

Yes, of course. Since we are manufactures of tents and shelters for more than 37 years, we have a vast experience of making almost every kind and size of tent. Your any idea is welcomed and we will discuss its design feasibility to transform the idea into a tent.

How long will it take for the shipment of my order?

If your order is related to the emergency supplies, we have the capacity to supply immediately because we always maintain a stock of tents & shelters to meet the emergency requirements to help the humanity in the fastest manner. And if it is custom order, as soon as all the necessary order details, terms & conditions are finalized we will commit a date of dispatch depending on the volume of production required and standard transit time by cargo.

What color is usually used for tent’s top?

You can have any colored top for tents butusually it is suggested to use natural white canvas for many reasons. For example, with the passage of time the colors rub off and can mark valance, drapes, tassels etc. Secondly,in summer seasons, the white canvas makes a brighter, lighter, and cooler tent. Printing on canvas is possible. The inside cloth varies in designs and colors.

What is the life of my tent?

The life of the tent depends on three things mainly. First is the care of the tent, secondly the use of the tent and the quality of material used. The appropriate care and use of the tent with the help of quality materialcertainly increases the life of a tent up to 5-7 years. In case of inappropriate care and rough use, even with the best possible quality the tent won’t last an year.

What is meant by Retardant Fabric or fire proof fabric?

Firstly, It is good to know that almost every material is burnable or flammablei.e. stones, bricks, steel and they will distort, decapitated in high temperature. The purpose of fire resistingis to reduce the chances of growing fire or flame from dispersal around and become conflagrate. The material of fire retardant slows down the burning process. Usually the canvas cloth self-extinguish as the fire source or flame source is removed. So, fire retardant material are purposed to create a thermal barrier to reduce the fire spread and to lessen the after burn by self-extinguishing. This is what meant by fire retardant

What types of canvas is used on Tents?

All our tents are made from the finest material, with the 15 ozs marquee canvas being treated to ensure thatiswaterproff, rot proof and aslo fire –retardant. That decorative inner klinings are made of finest cotton and can be hand block printed by our skilled and experienced staaf in a range of designs and colors or made to you specific needs.

What about the color quality of the inner sheets or inner linings?

All colors are fast and they do not bleed. They quality used in printing is carefully chosen and tested various checks before applying on production.

Can I visit your production facility?

We always welcome Visitors and guests from all over the globe to come and see thevarious processes being performed in production facility at any time.All it is required a simple appointment.

What is the recommended way to clean the tent?

To clean the tent, we recommend mild hand washing in lukewarm water. Place the tent on ground and scrub it with the soft brush. Try to scrub with soft hands so there will be less risk of scrubbing off the waterproofing. Use of bleach or any other chemical is not recommended. It should be completely dried before packing. For further guidelines, see out section of how to take care of your tent.

Is there anywhere else I can see your tents materials?

Our marketing personnel’s do attend the international trade exhibitions all over the globe. You are welcomed to visit and see the tent material mainly fabric or you can order us the tent material. In the second option, the freight charges will be paid by the customer in advance whereas sample will be sent at no cost.

Do you guarantee your tents?

Yes of course. Since our production process has many quality checks at various steps, we guarantee our products to be free from manufacturing defects. However, due to the handmade -nature of the product, negligible variations in the productions are to be expected. However the normal wear and tear while using the tent outdoors is impossible to avoid.

What things are included in a price of tent?

Prices are complete with pegs, poles, pole sleeves, finials, drapes, hammer, all other erecting hardware and packing. Contact us for a canvas only price.